Did you know that 78% of companies overspend by up to 35% on SaaS?

Centralize your SaaS stack and negotiate the best deals to discover what your software invoices should say.
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Extend your runway without giving up control
Unlock 360° visibility
Consolidate your tech stack to reveal avoidable SaaS costs.
Negotiate with confidence
Get the support you need to get great SaaS deals, fast.
Delight your stakeholders
Easily share reports and forecast future SaaS spend.

“As we searched for the best value-for-money Enterprise solution, Sastrify managed our request-for-proposal process so that we could secure really great pricing for years to come. We couldn’t have done it without Sastrify’s expertise in this area.”

- AMBOSS Legal and Event Manager, Karolina Kącka
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Create a single source of truth

  • Consolidate your software contracts
  • Centralize relevant communications
  • Implement a system of record

Done-for-you contract negotiations

  • Negotiation support
  • Save 4+ hours per contract negotiation
  • Stay focused on your core tasks

Achieve constant compliance

  • Automate your SaaS purchasing lifecycle
  • Setup processes with smart workflows
  • Maintain GDPR and SOC 2 compliance

Get decision-making data

  • Access $1B+ in benchmarked SaaS spend
  • Start negotiations knowing what discounts are available
  • Skip the endless demos and speak to a specialist or another Sastrify client
"Sastrify’s service is an asset for anyone who wants to organize their SaaS costs in a time-saving and at the same time cost-reducing way. I can highly recommend working with Sastrify.”
Nexxiot Head of IT Operations & InfoSec, Fabian Günther
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2023 SaaS Spend Management Guide

$675 billion was spent on software in 2022 (Gartner), with the average SaaS stack exceeding 96 tools. Discover opportunities for significant savings across your entire SaaS portfolio with the latest SaaS procurement insights from Sastrify's pricing experts.