Insight-Driven Decisions

Get the numbers that matter

Empower stakeholders with real-time tech stack and tool-level insights for better negotiations, budgeting and forecasting.

SaaS spend overview

Taking control of your IT budget starts with getting visibility into subscriptions and spending across your organization.

360-degree visibility
Get full visibility across your entire tech stack at a glance.
Accurate forecasting
Create accurate spending forecasts using historical data.
Save countless hours
Simplify and streamline your IT budgeting and reporting.
Vendor insights
Get exclusive info about pricing updates and usage recommendations.

SaaS usage analytics

If you want to optimize your SaaS or cloud spend, you need to know who’s using what, and how much they need.

Optimize usage
Easily monitor & improve your SaaS and cloud contracts.
Get granular
Take advantage of tool-level usage analytics.
Review licensing
Rightsize your licenses and remove redundancies.
Use the SastriCloud
Take control of your cloud costs with the SastriCloud™.

As our user growth forced us into the risk of doubling our spend and we needed a quick solution, we were very thankful that Sastrify sped up the process of coming to a good agreement.”

Head of Infrastructure, Armin Deliomini

Ready to optimize your tech stack?

Ready to optimize your tech stack?