Are you wasting countless hours in demos & negotiations?

Automate SaaS procurement from discovery to sign-off and save a full-time team member 6+ weeks of effort each year.
In managed spend
Saved on SaaS
Average ROI
Lightning-fast SaaS procurement for high-growth teams
Solution Discovery
Find the right SaaS tools ASAP with support from in-house experts.
Negotiation Support
Save 4+ hours per contract with done-for-you negotiations.
SaaS Management
Manage subscriptions, track license renewals, assign ownership & more.

“Having already reduced IT operating costs by 20% through various initiatives since I started at Nexxiot, working with Sastrify still proved to be a useful addition, especially in the area of cloud infrastructure.”

Nexxiot Head of IT Operations & InfoSec, Fabian Gunther
Saved on top 2 tools
Total savings
4.5X ROI
Achieved with Sastrify
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Track what matters

  • Get complete visibility into subscription usage and spend
  • Eliminate surprise upgrades
  • Monitor negotiations in one place

Make data-driven decisions

  • Access $1B+ in benchmarked SaaS spend
  • Get insights from hundreds of successful negotiations
  • Skip the endless demos and speak to a specialist or another Sastrify client

Unlimited negotiation support

  • Done-for-you SaaS buying
  • Save a team member up to 1.5 months/year
  • Secure a fair price on every contract

Stay a step ahead

  • Schedule negotiation timelines
  • Forecast and report future SaaS costs
  • Start negotiations knowing what discounts are available
“As our user growth forced us into the risk of doubling our spend and we needed a quick solution, we were very thankful that Sastrify sped up the process of coming to a good agreement.”
Runtastic Head of Infrastructure, Armin Deliomini
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