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Our exclusive deals will save you between 10% and 30% compared to the list price.
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Stay ahead of price and product updates through proactive recommendations.
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By purchasing two tools from the marketplace, we are achieving relevant savings each year.”

Head of Internal IT, Matt Briggs

We value Sastrify's proactive approach in bringing new opportunities available throught their marketplace, which shows that they are well-informed and dedicated experts.

Co-founder and CTO Gerhard Maringer

The SastriMarket not only helped our company save time but also saved us money compared to the usual list prices.”

IT Operational Lead, Axel Castellanos
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We value Sastrify's proactive approach in bringing new opportunities available throught their marketplace, which shows that they are well-informed and dedicated experts.

Co-founder and CTO Gerhard Maringer
How can I join the SastriMarket?

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You can join our exclusive marketplace with ease. Just fill out and our team will get in touch with you.

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Access our exclusive marketplace under the Tool Store page. From there you’ll be able to find available tools and get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.
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Membership includes
Personalized Recommendations
Exclusive Discounts
The Best Available Price, Instantly
Quick Access to your Tools
Proactive Pricing and Product Monitoring
Sastrify Partner Network
Multiple Contract Duration Options
Financing Options
Sastrify Platform
Negotiation Support
Pricing Benchmarks

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the SaaS tools available via the SastriMarket?

We have over 20 leading SaaS tools available, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Asana, 1Password, Miro, and many more.

How do you define which SaaS tools are available via the SastriMarket?

Sastrify is currently focused on offering the top SaaS tools in the market leveraging Sastrify’s unique insight into its customers’ tech stack and the tools they are buying. This includes tools that represent the majority of the SaaS annual spend of Sastrify customers, that the majority of Sastrify customers use, where Sastrify procurement negotiation services are mostly requested, etc. In addition, tools available are among the top 3 leaders in their category, have a global reach, and are cross-industry.

Are the discounts and benefits available via the SastriMarket the same across all SaaS tools?

No. There are differences depending on the type of partnership between Sastrify and the Vendor behind each SaaS tool. Nevertheless, the discounts and benefits available are some of the best you’ll find for each SaaS tool in the market.

We use multiple SaaS tools from those available via the SastriMarket. Where should we start?

Members of the SastriMarket typically start with their productivity solutions (either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365) or other top spend tool. Nevertheless, our Sastrify marketplace team will be able to advise you according to your needs and tech stack.

Does Sastrify offer professional services (e.g. design, implementation, training, etc.) associated to the SaaS tools available via the SastriMarket?

In general, no. Nevertheless, we do have access to the partner network from the SaaS tools we offer via the SastriMarket. This partner network includes IT Service Providers who can provide such professional/managed services at preferential conditions to SastriMarket members. Reach out to us to learn more.

We are already buying several SaaS tools directly from the Vendor or a reseller. Can we transfer those tools to the SastriMarket and receive discounts and benefits?

In general, yes. Our Sastrify marketplace team will be able to assess each individual case and recommend whether the deal you have is a great one or if you can get something better via the SastriMarket.

Is the SastriMarket only available for current Sastrify customers?

No. The SastriMarket is available for any company who is interested in saving money, saving time, buying at ease, and reducing risk on their SaaS tools. Nevertheless, Sastrify customers using Sastrify’s platform are the ones who benefit the most from the SastriMarket since our Sastrify marketplace team can proactively assess their SaaS stack and identify optimization opportunities via the SastriMarket.

Is the SastriMarket available worldwide?

No. The SastriMarket is currently available in EMEA and US. It will become available in other regions in the following months. Nevertheless, if your company has its HQ outside of EMEA and US but have legal entities in EMEA and US, you could potentially benefit from the SastriMarket. Please reach out to us to learn more.

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