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Our customers

Our customers
Richard Oros
“Sastrify will set up the processes you need for saving money, saving time, and managing your subscriptions in one place. This gets your SaaS subscriptions under control and gives you a smooth customer experience.”
  • Overspending on subscriptions
  • Not enough time to negotiate contracts
  • Little visibility into org-wide subscriptions
  • Centralizing subscriptions for transparency and visibility
  • Maintaining control over the purchasing approvals process
  • Reduction in spend
Stéphanie Chemin
Administrative & Financial Director
“We have very few staff in support functions. Working with Sastrify was like having another proactive person working on Padoa’s accounts. As a result, we’ve been able to work together on key issues - specially finding cost savings wherever we can. It’s saved us tons of time and has been a huge relief for our mental load.”
  • A lot of SaaS to manage (54+)
  • Overspending on core tools
  • No internal procurement team
  • A single platform for managing all subscriptions from
  • A significant reduction in spend
  • Negotiating better contract terms
Clémentine Svartz
Head of Finance
“We wanted to empower out team to get the tools they need when they need them, but we also wanted them to be in charge of the supplier and negotiation management. At some point we hit a limit because teams simply didn’t have the time to negotiate or the ability to get accurate benchmarking data.”
  • Rapid growth (100-600 employees) 
led to procurement challenges
  • 100+ renewals to manage
  • No dedicated procurement team
  • A single source of truth for all contracts
  • A standardized procurement process
  • A significant reduction in 
IT spend (>€400K)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sastrify work?
We cover three scenarios on your behalf:

1. We onboard your current SaaS tool landscape and reveal full-stack transparency with a comprehensive overview. Additionally, we benchmark your existing landscape to identify quick wins and initial savings potential.
2. We take care of all renewals that come up, make sure you don't miss them, benchmark the tools and cover the entire vendor negotiations for you.
3. We recommend new tools for you based on real-life experiences from top-tier customers such as Babbel, Sennder, Scalable Capital, and many more. Afterwards, we take care of the entire vendor negotiation part and make sure you buy licenses for the right price.
What can Sastrify do for me?
Sastrify is your one-stop shop for all SaaS subscriptions, meaning we handle the entire life cycle of a SaaS tool. With our platform, you can have a clear overview of your SaaS landscape to seamlessly manage contracts, identify potential savings, and discover new tools. Additionally, we take over the tiresome task of vendor negotiation and management. No more emails, calls, or demos as our team does everything for you. Using our data pool, we bring you the best deals possible. We already have more than $1 Billion in SaaS spend on our platform.
What do I need to get started?
All we need is your SaaS stack in a spreadsheet or an accounting export. We import the data for you or connect directly to your spend management tool — if integrated.
Is Sastrify a SaaS management tool?
Not quite! While SaaS management helps you mainly with the on/off-boarding of licenses and brings transparency to your tool landscape, Sastrify does more than that. We are here to ensure you get your tools at the best price possible and to save you significant money on your contracts. Once you are onboarded, we thoroughly analyze your contracts to identify savings potential or redundant vendors.
What’s the onboarding like?
Our onboarding is easy: Within a 30-minute call, we align on the most urgent topics and discuss additional input we might need from your end. Then you are all set! Moving forward, we will check in with you once or twice a month for general feedback.

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