Gorillas Discovers
7-Figure Savings With Sastrify

"Gorillas as a hypergrowth company has really benefited from Sastrify’s support. Fast onboarding, smooth communication and obvious cost savings make working with Sastrify a highly recommended experience.” (Bobby Abdullah, Special Projects IT )

Don’t Let Hypergrowth Distract From SaaS Cost Control

Gorillas is a Berlin-based startup that’s generating massive mounts of attention and lots of investor interest. There’s palpable excitement when working at a unicorn like Gorillas. New users are signing up, the product is moving into new markets, industry journalists are writing buzzworthy stories. It’s easy to get caught up in growth to the detriment of cost control, especially with software.

Working with Sastrify, Gorillas was able to save millions of Euros on its investment in software. Have a look at how Sastrify helped drive those savings.

How Sastrify helped Gorillas

  • Google: Optimizing license types for 66% savings
  • Zoom: Competition leads to favorable contract
  • Asana: A fixed price to support hypergrowth

More details?

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