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Different Tactics Create Serious SaaS Savings for Nexxiot

Zurich, Switzerland
Logistics & Supply Chain
“Sastrify’s service is an asset for anyone who wants to organise their SaaS costs in a time-saving and at the same time cost-reducing way. I can highly recommend working with Sastrify.” (Fabian Günther, Head of IT Operations & InfoSec)
Who is

Nexxiot is a Swiss Internet of Things and logistics company that provides hardware and software solutions that empower these vital industries to be more efficient while also eliminating financial waste. Nexxiot and its services are more important than ever as the global supply chain struggles to keep up with demand. Sastrify was engaged to help optimize that spend and to ensure it was getting value out of its SaaS investment. Continue reading to learn how Sastrify helped Nexxiot meet those objectives.

How Sastrify helped
Cloud Service: ~50% Savings by Automating Usage
Slack: 27% Savings by Switching to Contract Type
Atlassian: Access Discounts Through Resellers. 5-10% Discount on each tool
Microsoft365: Use Benchmarks to Negotiate Better Deals

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