Capchase Saves 42% on a Major Contract within their First Weeks with Sastrify

Megan McDonough
Head of Content Marketing

Capchase chose Sastrify to help them reduce their SaaS costs to extend their runway and support their rapid growth. With Sastrify, Capchase saved more than five-figures within their first 45 days as a Sastrify client. Capchase also benefited from having full transparency into their stack—visibility which in turn allowed them to eliminate unnecessary or bad-fit tools and discover better alternatives.

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Within their first 45 days working with Sastrify, Capchase achieved a five-figure discount on their yearly HubSpot renewal, which translated into a 42% reduction in their HubSpot subscription costs. They also were able to ensure their HubSpot licenses were aligned to their changing team needs, and that they had the right plan to fit their growth needs. At every step of the process, Sastrify saved Capchase time while enabling them to turn their renewal into a business innovation opportunity, as well as a significant cost-saver.



Capchase is a platform for recurring-revenue companies to secure non-dilutive capital. They provide financing by bringing future expected cash flows to the present day—thereby extending an immediate line of credit. Companies that work with Capchase are able to secure funding that is fast, flexible, and doesn’t dilute their ownership.

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"Our partnership with Sastrify is aligned with our mission to work with fast-growing SaaS companies and help them grow by using our non-dilutive financing options,”

Capchase CEO and co-founder, Miguel Fernandez

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