More than a SaaS buying solution — a complete platform to extend your runway. 

More than a SaaS buying solution — a complete platform to extend your runway.optimize your stack. 

Centralize your SaaS stack and get the negotiation support you need
to save up to 35% on software.

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Loved by hundreds of companies around the world:
Julius Köhler
Co-Founder & Managing Director

“We generated an ROI that is over 15X of our investment.”

Tobias Wiest
Chief Business Officer

“Since working with Sastrify, we’ve learned a lot about procurement and how to negotiate with vendors. It’s helping us build our expertise, and we feel more empowered to apply these negotiation strategies ourselves.”

Traditional SaaS procurement is broken
Of SaaS licenses

will overlap
Of SaaS subscriptions

typically go unused
is overspent on SaaS,

on average
The solution:

Modern SaaS procurement for modern teams

Traditional Procurement

  • Pay standard price for software
  • Waste hours in demos
  • Slow, manual procurement systems
  • Track SaaS usage in spreadsheets
  • Stress over contract negotiations

With Sastrify

  • Spend 35% less than competitors
  • Start using new tools ASAP
  • Automated workflows and processes
  • Centralized 24/7 portfolio monitoring
  • Negotiation support

How does Sastrify work?


Consolidate your SaaS stack:

Connect to your ERP or accounting system to unlock 360° visibility into your SaaS stack. Now, you can instantly identify and remove duplicated SaaS subscriptions.


Streamline your SaaS procurement:

Set alerts for upcoming renewals, assign ownership to tools, centralize documentation and collaborate from a single source of truth to make SaaS management a breeze.


Save your budget with the best deals:

Access $1B+ in benchmarked SaaS pricing and get the negotiation support your team needs to save 35% or more on SaaS. Our pricing experts will make sure you sign the best deals, every time.

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Optimize your SaaS stack:

Optimizing your SaaS stack is a continuous process. With Sastrify, you’ll get the best recommendations for SaaS solutions based on your business needs and technology preferences.

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All your SaaS procurement in one place

Streamline your SaaS procurement

  • Use smart workflows to automate repetitive tasks
  • Achieve constant org-wide compliance
  • Discover and sign-off on new tools in days instead of weeks
Automate SaaS procurementAutomate SaaS procurement

Outsource contract negotiations

  • Save 4+ hours per negotiation
  • Receive as much (or as little) support as you need to secure savings
  • Stay focused on your core tasks
Get negotiation supportGet negotiation support

Skip the spreadsheets & see the bigger picture

  • 360° software spend visualization
  • Forecast future budgets in minutes
  • Frictionless 24/7 portfolio monitoring
Visualize your SaaS stackVisualize your SaaS stack

Get decision-making pricing data

  • Compare your SaaS deals and budgets to other companies
  • Access $1B+ million in benchmarked SaaS and cloud spend
  • Start negotiations on the right foot (informed)
Make data-driven decisionsMake data-driven decisions
Your annual SaaS spend: $2M
Potential savings:
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sastrify work?

We cover three scenarios on your behalf:

1. We onboard your current SaaS tool landscape and reveal full-stack transparency with a comprehensive overview. Additionally, we benchmark your existing landscape to identify quick wins and initial savings potential.
2. We take care of all renewals that come up, make sure you don't miss them, benchmark the tools and cover the entire vendor negotiations for you.
3. We recommend new tools for you based on real-life experiences from top-tier customers such as Babbel, Sennder, Scalable Capital, and many more. Afterwards, we take care of the entire vendor negotiation part and make sure you buy licenses for the right price.

Is Sastrify a SaaS management tool?

Not quite! While SaaS management helps you mainly with the on/off-boarding of licenses and brings transparency to your tool landscape, Sastrify does more than that. We are here to ensure you get your tools at the best price possible and to save you significant money on your contracts. Once you are onboarded, we thoroughly analyze your contracts to identify savings potential or redundant vendors.

What can Sastrify do for me?

Sastrify is your one-stop shop for all SaaS subscriptions, meaning we handle the entire life cycle of a SaaS tool. With our platform, you can have a clear overview of your SaaS landscape to seamlessly manage contracts, identify potential savings, and discover new tools. Additionally, we take over the tiresome task of vendor negotiation and management. No more emails, calls, or demos as our team does everything for you. Using our data pool, we bring you the best deals possible. We already have more than $1 Billion in SaaS spend on our platform.

What’s the onboarding like?

Our onboarding is easy: Within a 30-minute call, we align on the most urgent topics and discuss additional input we might need from your end. Then you are all set! Moving forward, we will check in with you once or twice a month for general feedback.

What do I need to get started?

All we need is your SaaS stack in a spreadsheet or an accounting export. We import the data for you or connect directly to your spend management tool — if integrated.

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