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With the help of Sastrify’s benchmarks and knowledge of’s pricing model, we were able to agree on a price that enabled us to implement the tool for 500-plus employees.

Westwing CTO, Adam Maschek

Having a single point of contact for all of these vendor negotiations has been key. It has freed up more time and mental capacity to work on things that we’re good at and that we should be doing. It’s reduced a lot of the mental load associated with negotiations and renewals.

Babbel Head of Internal IT, Matthew Briggs

Before working with Sastrify, we had a lot of unoptimized spend. In the past year, Sastrify has helped us solidify deals that are very specific to our company goals. Now, Sastrify is an integral extension of our procurement process and very much a part of our day-to-day.

Pleo Technologies IT Manager, Laith Al-Maliki
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