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Full service transparency: Your SaaS usage strategized today

Connect your SaaS tools in 5 minutes
We onboard your SaaS tool landscape to take a deep dive into your usage, cost, security risks, and other valuable insight. With this overview, we create new SaaS procurement goals for real-time budgets and smart purchasing.
Get SaaS management
We assess SaaS usage and compare actual activity to purchased licenses. By keeping tabs, we clean your stack, remove or recycle unused licenses, and forecast SaaS spent. You will get notifications for auto-renewals and contract re-negotiation.
Forget about
SaaS negotiation
We recommend new tools for you based on interests and preferences. Once you make a selection, we're the ones that negotiate SaaS contracts with vendors back-and-forth on your behalf, bringing you the best deals in the market.
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How it works
Reducing your SaaS spend was never this easy
Determine your procurement team
We onboard your current software stack within only 5 minutes of your time. Based on your data, we can already provide you with a comprehensive overview.
Provide an
accounting export
Based on your current SaaS tool stack and our extensive database, we will identify the most promising tools for generating immediate savings for you. In addition, we automatically identify renewal dates and onboard the respective tool owners.
Assign tool owners 
& upload contratcs
With our professional experience from past negotiations, our specialized procurement team supports you in negotiating new and existing contracts. In addition, we work directly with vendors to share your requirements and interests.
Start saving time 
and money🚀
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SaaS management should not take up hours and hours of your time in accounting and negotiations. That’s why we’re here.

We provide SaaS procurement. You focus on your core competencies.
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