SaaS Discussion Dinner:
The Road to Efficient Spend Management

Sastrify's co-founder, Sven Lackinger, plus our Head of Procurement, Alex and some more Sastronauts are going to share perspectives and strategies for efficiently managing your SaaS spend.

Experience the lively spirit of Israel at JOSEPH. With fresh ingredients and exotic spices, it caters to Israelis and those craving contemporary Israeli cuisine. Collaborating with Chef Yossi Elad, known for "Palomar & Machneyuda," JOSEPH offers innovative dishes inspired by Levantine traditions. Join us for a diverse menu that satisfies every palate. Welcome!

All food and beverages will be provided.

Planned schedule for the networking event.
No Speakers
Friedrichstraße 113
10117 Berlin, Germany

In the JOSEPH Restaurant the exuberant, lively atmosphere of Israel comes alive. Fresh ingredients and oriental spices - the JOSEPH is not only the perfect place to go for all Israelis with homesickness, but also offers the perfect setting for anyone interested in getting to know and enjoying modern Israeli cuisine.

In cooperation with top chef Yossi Elad, whose restaurants "Palomar" & "Machneyuda" are real insider tips, the kitchen team of the JOSEPH constantly brings new compositions from the fresh Levantine cuisine to the table.