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Save countless hours with negotiation support and access to $2B+ in benchmarked enterprise SaaS spend.
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Find the right SaaS tools ASAP with support from in-house experts.
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Compare your contracts to $1B+ in benchmarked SaaS spend.
Negotiation Support
Save 4+ hours per contract with done-for-you negotiations.
Delight your stakeholders
Easily share reports and forecast future SaaS spend.

“Since working with Sastrify, we’ve learned a lot about procurement and how to negotiate with vendors. It’s helping us build our expertise, and we feel more empowered to apply these negotiation strategies ourselves.”

Usercentrics Chief Business Officer, Tobias Wiest
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"With Sastrify, I felt for the first time that I was talking to a company that really understood the request that's on the table and what we're looking for. I knew that they knew what they were doing and it allowed me to focus on other tasks without worry.”
Bitvavo Procurement Lead, Sharen Overdijkink
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