SaaS & Cloud Cost Optimization

Protect your IT budget

Manage and optimize your entire SaaS and Cloud stack from one place, while making the most of your IT budget.

Centralize your contracts

Buying and managing software is easy when everyone is on the same page, all the time.

Assign ownership
Assign a tool owner to every subscription.
Manage documents
Keep all your contracts and documents in one place.
System of record
Easily collaborate and access relevant info at any time.

Manage SaaS renewals

When the average business uses over 100 SaaS tools, missing renewals comes at a serious price.

Track subscriptions
Track and manage your contracts inside Sastrify.
Avoid renewal traps
Avoid automatic renewals and stay ahead of negotiations.
Set custom alerts
Set and get reminders however you prefer.

Reduce your IT spend

As organisations grow, SaaS costs run away. Protect your IT budget by shining a light on unnecessary spending.

Spend insights
Track your org-wide SaaS spend with ease.
Pricing data
Compare your contracts to $2 billion in benchmarked spend.
Savings alerts
Get potential savings alerts  based on your current spend.

Control cloud costs

Optimize your infrastructure and bring your cloud costs back down to earth with Sastrify.

available for:
Get usage data
Monitor cloud usage in real-time with the SastriCloud™.
Discover opportunities
Identify your cost drivers and savings opportunities.
Save 10-30%
By optimizing your cloud environment.
Pick your provider
The SastriCloud works with AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Sastrify will set up the processes you need for saving money, saving time, and managing your subscriptions in one place. This gets your SaaS subscriptions under control and gives you a smooth customer experience.”

IT Support Engineer, Richard Oros

Ready to optimize your tech stack?

Ready to optimize your tech stack?