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Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine that helps businesses manage and analyze large volumes of data, enabling them to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

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Get data-backed pricing insights based on 100s of successful negotiations and over $1 billion in benchmarked software spend.

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With the help of Sastrify’s benchmarks and knowledge of Monday.com’s pricing model, we were able to agree on a price that enabled us to implement the tool for 500-plus employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sastrify work?

Step 1: Consolidate your SaaS StackConnect to your ERP or accounting system to unlock 360° visibility into your SaaS stack. Now, you can instantly identify and remove duplicated SaaS subscriptions.

Step 2: Streamline your SaaS ProcurementSet alerts for upcoming renewals, assign ownership to tools, centralize documentation, and collaborate from a single source of truth to make SaaS management a breeze.

Step 3: Save your Budget with the Best DealsAccess $1B+ in benchmarked SaaS pricing and get the negotiation support your team needs to save 35% or more on SaaS. Our pricing experts will make sure you sign the best deals, every time.

Step 4: Optimize your SaaS StackOptimizing your SaaS stack is a continuous process. With Sastrify, you’ll get the best recommendations for SaaS solutions based on your business needs and technology preferences.

What can Sastrify do for me?

Sastrify is your one-stop shop for all SaaS subscriptions, meaning we handle the entire life cycle of a SaaS tool. You get a clear overview of your SaaS landscape to seamlessly manage contracts, identify potential savings and discover new tools. Additionally, we take over the tiresome task of vendor negotiation and management. No more emails, calls, or demos as our team does everything for you.

What’s the onboarding like?

Our onboarding is easy: within a 20-minute call, we align on your most urgent topics and discuss additional input we might need from your end. Then you’re all set! Moving forward, we will check in with you once or twice a month and you’re always welcome to reach out to us.

What do I need to get started?

Connect your ERP or accounting system and you’re good to go! Otherwise, you can send us a spreadsheet and we’ll import the data for you.

How does your pricing work?

Sastrify takes a flat fee per month billed annually, independent of how many subscriptions you upload or how many users you invite. The fee itself depends on your total annual SaaS spend. More information on pricing here.

How are savings calculated?

For new subscriptions and renewals or upgrades, we always take the delta between the first offer you received vs. what we negotiated after stepping in. For existing tools, we compare your current price vs. what we negotiate. We later consistently examine your contract value and improvement rate before and after Sastrify.

What is your savings guarantee?

We guarantee that our platform will save you more money than it costs over the upcoming 12 months. Your savings ultimately depends on your SaaS tool landscape and growth. We achieve 4-5x ROI on average, and frequently see savings of up to 35% on total SaaS spend.

Elasticsearch FAQs

There are several common questions about Elasticsearch and its pricing. Here are some answers.

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“We generated an ROI that is over 15X of our investment.”

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“Since working with Sastrify, we’ve learned a lot about procurement and how to negotiate with vendors. It’s helping us build our expertise, and we feel more empowered to apply these negotiation strategies ourselves.”

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