Runtastic Shortens Negotiation Cycles From 3 Months to 3 Weeks

"As our user growth forced us into the risk of doubling our spent and we needed a quick solution, we were very thankful that Sastrify speeded up the process of coming to a good agreement." Armin (Head of Infrastructure)

Existing Relationships Matter in SaaS Negotiations

Runtastic is an Austria-based company that offers activity-training applications and similar services that help users boost their fitness levels. Acquired by Adidas in 2015 for €220 million, Runtastic continues to grow — creating the needs for fast SaaS negotiations and favorable contract terms that create value.

Those needs inspired Runtastic to start working with Sastrify for price benchmarking and procurement support. Here’s a look at how Sastrify helped Runtastic accelerate the negotiation process with different SaaS tools, plus how Sastrify assisted Runtastic with securing the favorable SaaS contract terms it was seeking.

How Sastrify helped Runtastic

  • Miro: Direct Communication Accelerates Negotiations
  • Slack: Upgrade to Business+ at a Budget-Friendly Price
  • Contentful: Additional Users Plus a 25% Discount