e-bot7 Saves 10–50% Per Tool Using Different SaaS Negotiating Strategies

"Whenever I need something with regards to SaaS contracts, Sastrify is the first thing I open.” - Johannes (Financial Analyst)

What is the Best SaaS Negotiating Strategy for Your Company?

e-bot7 is changing the customer service equation by offering a conversational AI tool that companies can use to make customer service interactions less costly, less time-consuming and more helpful to their customers.

Founded in 2016 in Germany, e-bot7’s innovative approach to customer service has driven a significant amount of growth for the company. Like all scaling businesses, e-bot7 is experiencing the proliferation of SaaS tools across its various departments. In 2021, e-bot7 engaged Sastrify to analyze its SaaS investment and make recommendations on how to save.

How Sastrify helped e-bot7

  • Switching to Resellers of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Generates Savings
  • Conducting a SaaS Analysis Reveals a Tool That Should be Cancelled
  • Using HRmony’s Best-Price Guarantee Helps e-bot7 Save