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No more hassle regarding your SaaS subscriptions

Achieve Transparency

Rethink how you manage your SaaS contracts

Our specialized procurement team supports you in negotiating new and existing contracts. We work directly with vendors to share your requirements and interests.

Simply saving you time and money.

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Centralize your SaaS purchases, gain clarity and get the best deals

Understand what SaaS tools make sense to your company, from operational and financial perspectives.

Achieve Transparency
Information is power

Transparency for SaaS subscriptions and licenses usage

With our easy setup and fast integrations, we onboard your current SaaS tool landscape in moments. The clear overview of your cloud applications will allow you to understand your SaaS stack, easily keep your tool documentation up to date, identify wasteful subscriptions, and manage licenses efficiently.

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Contract management made easy

Get ahead of upcoming vendor negotiations

Our Contract Management functionalities help you to prepare for all upcoming contract negotiations and achieve the best results. Benefit from our Price Benchmarks, negotiation support and alternative SaaS tool analysis before you consider any new agreements.

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Achieve Transparency
Contract Renewal overviews

Never miss a contract renewal deadline again

Currently working with an old-fashioned spreadsheet or wiki page? Introduce collaboration and automation to your process to achieve IT operational excellence. Never lose track of changes and updates, easily gather any missing information and get reminders for all your deadlines.

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Structured SaaS buying processes

Streamline SaaS purchases and new tool implementations

Centralize comparisons and evaluations of new cloud tools. Streamline approvals, kick-offs and roll-outs of different softwares, collaborating with relevant users within your organization and documenting all changes in one place.

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Achieve Transparency
SaaS management Excellence

Analyse usage and optimize your SaaS subscriptions

Compare usage of your main SaaS licenses over time, understand what features are relevant to your users. Optimize packages and fees for operational and financial gain.

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