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We centralize your procurement, provide you with a clear overview of applications and licenses, and negotiate with your suppliers to get you the best deals.

Achieve Transparency
More transparency to SAAS management

Clear overview of your SaaS landscape

Visualizing all applications in one place is the first step to understand what tools are essential to your organization. Make sure you keep all relevant information at hand and up to date.

Assign responsibility and collaborate

SaaS Governance

Add owners and followers to your SaaS applications and get notified at every update. Understand who is responsible for decisions i.e. new purchases, contract negotiations, onboarding, and off-boarding of users.

Never miss a renewal date again

Contract Management

Plan upcoming contract renewals with plenty of time. Identify saving opportunities, gather all the information in one place, and set up alerts to remind you of important deadlines.

Simple & Powerful

Customized Tags

Tidy up! We allow you to create custom tags and filter applications by cost centers, departments or projects. Easily flag which applications need to be renegotiated or replaced.

We are there for you

SaaS Price benchmarks and negotiation support

Need help with your next negotiation? We are there for you. Schedule a call with our procurement team or connect with us on Slack to get the support you need.

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