Frequently Asked Questions

What's my benefit in working with Sastrify? Couldn't I do it by myself? 
You are probably already negotiating on your own and certainly could continue to do so. However, is it really the best use of your time? Our team at Sastrify saves you valuable time you would otherwise have to spend in vendor calls and negotiations. Also, by supporting many of our clients with the same vendors, we are able to create a large pool of data, benchmark prices and best practices.

We are your SaaS experienced sparring partner, having your best interest in mind.
How does the process look like?
First, we’ll bring transparency in your current SaaS stack to analyse your savings potential. Second, to plan the savings strategy, we will work with the relevant tool owners to efficiently obtain and allocate inputs for all new and renewing contract events. Finally, Sastrify will negotiate the best terms for you, based on your individual requirements. For more information check out our How It Works Page.
Will it not take a lot of time from my side? 
No. After a short demo call, gathering the data doesn't take more than 5 minutes on your side. We'll take it from there, checkin in with you once or twice a month for 30 minutes max.
How does your pricing work? 
Our pricing is based on a flat price per month. We are there for you all year to help you throughout your SaaS procurement processes. Using our platform, you find more efficient SaaS solutions and negotiate renewals better.
What do I need to get started?
All we need is a quick information on your current SaaS-stack in form of a spreadsheet, tool or accounting export. From there, you can easily and securely send us any required contracts etc. via the Sastrify platform.
What's the savings guarantee? 
We guarantee that our SaaS spend management platform will save you more money than we cost over the upcoming 12 months. If not, we pay you back the difference.

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