Runtastic Shortens Renegotiation Cycles from Three Months to Three Weeks

Megan McDonough
Head of Content Marketing

Health and fitness company, Runtastic, enlisted the help of Sastrify for price benchmarking and procurement. Sastrify successfully accelerated the negotiation process with different SaaS tools and secured Runtastic’s preferred contract terms and pricing. While Runtastic’s main objective was cutting SaaS costs, they ultimately found great value in the amount of hours saved per tool renegotiation—in particular, shortening the renegotiation cycle from three-months to three-weeks.

savings on top tool (CodeClimate Velocity)
total savings with Sastrify
3.4X ROI
achieved since beginning with Sastrify

Results at a glance

Among Sastrify’s first clients, Runtastic has reaped the rewards that come with longer-term SaaS procurement. They turned to Sastrify during a high-growth period of their business, knowing that they ran the risk of doubling their spend on SaaS. With Sastrify, benchmarks were established, negotiation time shortened, and SaaS savings reached 6-figures. They saved 35-percent on their top tool subscription, CodeClimate Velocity, and achieved 3.4X ROI since beginning with Sastrify.



As part of the Adidas family, Runtastic is among the world's top health and fitness apps. To date, Runtastic has 182 million user registrations, 341 million App Store downloads, and two apps available in ten languages. Lose weight, run faster, shape up, improve endurance, and balance your nutrition with Runtastic.

Linz, Austria
Acquired by
Adidas for $220M

Some of


's favourite Sastrify features

“As our user growth forced us into the risk of doubling our spend and we needed a quick solution, we were very thankful that Sastrify sped up the process of coming to a good agreement.”

Runtastic Head of Infrastructure, Armin Deliomini

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